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Flat Polyester Lanyard

custom polyester lanyard

Description: Due to its attractive look and low price, this is one of our most popular lanyards.

Material: Woven Polyester

Applications: Screen printing adheres well to polyester, but we advise a maximum of 5 color layers in order to ensure consistent high quality.

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Tubular Lanyard

Custom Tubular Lanyard

Description: These are made from a tube of stitched polyester, and they are our lowest priced lanyards.

Material: Stitched polyester

Applications: We offer two types of printing for this variety of lanyard; foam printing and conventional screen printing.

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Nylon Lanyard

Costum Nylon Lanyard

Description: Nylon is a slightly more expensive material than polyester, and has an attractive, sporty look to it. It is suitable for sports applications like refereeing and lifeguarding.

Material: Nylon

Applications: We advise rendered screen printing, as it gives a ‘3D’, embossed look. To improve durability, we laminate the lanyards after printing, which results in a shiny effect.

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Heat Transfer Lanyard

Custom Heat Transfer Lanyard

Description: Great for multi-colored designs. Unlike conventional screen printing, heat transfer is not limited in the number of colors that can be applied.
Material: Polyester

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Linking Woven Layer Lanyard

Custom Linking WovenLlanyard

Description: In common with the mono layer woven lanyard, this type has a woven image visible on both sides, with the difference being that this variety features two layers stitched together, resulting in a higher quality image on the opposite side.

Material: Polyester

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Hollow Woven Lanyard

Custom Hollow Woven Lanyard

Description: Manufactured in a similar manner to linking woven lanyards, the difference with this type is that on the reverse side, the image is the same as the front.

Material: Polyester

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Monolayer Woven Lanyard

Custom  Monolayer Woven Lanyard

Description: This lanyard has the design woven into the material, with a negative (colors reversed) image on the opposite side.

Material: Polyester

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Woven Satin Label Lanyard

Custom Woven Satin Lanyard

Description: These are made from two materials; a flat polyester base has a woven satin label sewn onto it, resulting in a superior look.

Material: Satin and flat polyester

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Screen Printed Satin Label Lanyard

Custom Screen Printed Satin Woven Label Lanyard

Description: The same as a regular woven satin lanyard, but with a screen printed label, resulting in a higher image quality.

Material: Flat polyester and satin

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Heat Transfer Satin Label Lanyard

Custom Heat Transfer Satin Lanyard

Description: These combines the benefits of non-woven satin labels and heat transfer printing. They are ideal for those requiring a superior quality lanyard, combined with a multi-colored design.

Material: Flat polyester and satin

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Elastic Woven Lanyard

Custom  Elastic Woven Lanyard

Description: A simple yet versatile lanyard that is slightly elasticated.

Material: Elastic fabric

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Reflective Lanyard

Custom Reflective Lanyard

Description: A double-layered lanyard featuring a reflective, printed label sewn onto a polyester base. Great for personnel working at night where visibility is an issue.

Material: Polyester

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Colorful Lanyard

Custom Colorful Lanyard

Description: An eye-catching design with up to three colors woven into the lanyard itself. Great for recreating country flags, eg. Germany or Italy.

Material: Polyester

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Rhinestone Lanyard

Custom Rhinestone Lanyard

Description: A regular lanyard made from polyester with plastic rhinestones applied. Very popular with women in America and Europe.

Material: Polyester and rhinestones

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Eco Lanyard

Custom ECO Lanyard

Description: A lanyard made from environmentally-friendly material

Material: Bamboo / PET / organic cotton
Applications: We are only able to offer heat transfer printing on PET eco lanyards, as both cotton and bamboo are unable to withstand the high temperatures involved, so must be screen printed instead.

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Round Lanyard

Custom Round Lanyard

Description: Comfortable and attractive, round lanyards offer a softer feel on the neck.

Material: Polyester or PP

Applications: Logos must be printed onto a flat polyester label that surrounds the lanyard, but other designs can be woven into the lanyard itself.

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Zipper Lanyard

16 Zipper Lanyard

Description: An innovative, very cool design of lanyard that can be zipped up and down.

Material: Plastic

Applications: Rubber and woven embossed labels are available.

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Luggage Belt

Custom Luggage Belt

Description: A heavy duty design, much thicker than our regular lanyards, that is designed to support luggage.

Material: Polyester

Applications: Heat transfer and screen printing.

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Custom Special Lanyard

Custom Special Lanyard

If none of the previous designs are quite what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch via email, and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs.

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