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Lanyards For Schools

Lanyard for schools, colleges and universities is one of our primary target at personalized-lanyard.com for California, Texas in Los Anegeles, Houston or even New York. Since we are the direct manufacturer our cheap custom lanyards have gain popularity in the student and  teacher communities.

teacher kanyards

 It is well known that custom id badges with reels or without are commonly use for rally, games by students and teachers as well at or outside school walls.

The reason USA schools and colleges all around the world keep ordering our customized lanyards year after year is simply cause we are the cheapest and we have no competition as a direct manufacturer.

From lanyard for your graduation year  to your university event we can offer over 19 different types of custom lanyards whether they are printed or woven. We cover all the possibilities. We have been manufacturing lanyards for schools for over 11 years now and have acquired skills no other reseller may even think about.

Collaborating with us to create a unique fashionable lanyard for your school is the smartest choice to do for your wallet and for the result and quality you expect.

Need help with you order? Contact us now at: info@lanyardcorp.com

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